Sandra’s readings cover a wide range of information and techniques.  During the session, she will also pick up the presence of spirit, angels, and guides and give you any messages they bring.  She will also read your personal energy, revealing potential outcomes based on present energy patterns.  If you’ve been stuck in the same difficult experiences over and over again, Sandra can help you discern the possible sources, including blocked chakras and historical influences — like cellular memory.

If you’re interested in finding out about your past lives, Sandra can open the Akashic Records and reveal the influencing energy there. Past-life readings can help to clear difficult financial and relationship patterns as well as show possible connections to present health issues.  If you’re not interested in past-life information, though, Sandra can focus on the other aspects of present energy signals and future potentials.

All future results exist in energetic potential, and Sandra’s readings can pick up the likelihood of future outcomes.  She will also offer advice on how you can clear old patterns and change any negative resonance, giving you powerful techniques that help you to find the future results that you desire.  Whatever you may be going through, your present circumstances and future outcomes can absolutely be shifted when you gain personal clarity  and change your life-force energy.

Sandra offers Quantum Life Coaching sessions, using her spiritual guidance and several effective techniques, including the process of the Quantum Breakthrough Code.  She will help you design the decoding and coding statements that can shift your patterns as well as train you in the details of how and when to use this easy, yet powerful, technique.

Sessions are conducted over the phone but are  not recorded.  Sandra encourages you to either record the session on your smart phone, or if you put your phone on speaker, you will be able to tape both sides of the conversation.

At any point in the session, you are free to ask specific questions about anything you desire.

Prices are:  30 minutes, $250; 45 minutes, $350; 60 minutes, $450.

To schedule a reading with Sandra, please call our office at 440-871-5448.  If you are outside the United States or Canada, please email your request to You can also purchase a Reading Gift Certificate through our website as payment.