On Quantum Success: The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness


1. A lot of books claim to have the secret to success. How is QUANTUM SUCCESS different from the others?

Sandra: This is the first book dealing with the science of success. Most people don’t realize that modern physics plays just as great a part in their personal lives as it does in nature. Success isn’t just a random occurrence that happens to the lucky few; it’s a consciousness creation that comes from your own alignment with the Universal Laws. The natural patterns of energy and attraction function in predictable ways, revealing specific formulas that can be successfully applied to the pursuit of your goals. Understanding these laws can give you a greater power over the consequences of your life than you ever thought possible.

2. What is the first law of success?

Sandra: That is the Law of Manifestation, the fundamental explanation of how success-and everything else-is created in our world. Quantum physics reveals that consciousness creates reality in nature, and this is a compelling truth in our personal lives as well. Consciousness is not just a psychological term, it’s an actual creative force in the Universe. So if success is what we’re after, we must begin by investigating what we tend to be most conscious of in our lives. For example, if I am most conscious of what’s wrong with my life, that consciousness can only create more things that go wrong. If I obsess about what’s missing, that consciousness can only create more lack. But if I tend to focus on everything that I have to appreciate, that will create even more to value and enjoy. If I am consistently conscious of all the real power I have, that will only bring more power to me. It’s an unavoidable truth; the direction of my conscious attention will most certainly determine the consequences of my personal and professional life.

3. Is there another law that has an influence over our success?

Sandra: While the Law of Manifestation deals with what we create, the Law of Magnetism deals with what we attract. Modern science shows that everything-and everyone-projects energy. How the world treats you is simply a return of the energy that you yourself are constantly churning out. Whether you realize it or not, you are always in the process of sending and receiving energy. Like a miniature radio station, your personal energy field is broadcasting very specific messages about who you are and what you expect from the world. The people and situations that have similar energy are the ones that will “tune into” your vibration and then be drawn into your experience. So the key question that you must ask yourself is, “What is my energy broadcasting about me now?”

4. How do we create the energy that we send out?

Sandra: The biggest source of your energetic frequency can be found in your beliefs and thoughts. Through them, you create the emotional vibration that sets the tone of your entire life. Your thoughts and feelings are your signature signals. These unending vibrations move out in your name, setting you up for happiness or grief, success or failure. If you’re not thrilled with what you’ve attracted up to now, all you have to do is change your energetic frequencies. This starts with the conscious determination to embrace only optimistic and self-nurturing thoughts based in beliefs that honor you. If you consistently make that choice, your energy will change and you will soon find yourself attracting people and situations that bring you blessings rather than burdens. Good or bad-the Universe will always return your own cognitive and emotional energy back to you.

5. What else can we do to change both our energy and what we attract from the world?

Sandra: There are several major energy changes that we can make that will completely turn our lives around. Where success is concerned, the first and foremost magnetic energy is that of confidence. In fact, lack of confidence is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t succeed-not because they can’t, but because they aren’t even aware of their own worth and abilities. People think that their self-perception is a fundamental part of themselves that cannot be changed, that they can’t create confidence if they’ve never had it. But this is simply not the case.

The source of your confidence comes largely from your self-image, which is a main ingredient in consciousness creation. No matter what your history, no matter what you’ve been taught, your self-image is a present choice. As a thinking adult, you can and must create a new definition of yourself-and a new picture to go along with it. When you learn how to establish a positive, healthy self-image, you shift your expectations, and your newly empowered consciousness is free to create a bright, happy, successful reality.

6. How long does it take to apply these principles and find success?

Sandra: The quantum world is pulsating with power and endless possibilities, and reality can change in the blink of an eye. Even the slightest energy change can often bring immediate results. It comes from bringing your conscious awareness to every present moment. People don’t realize that they have the power to change their very destiny even in the minor choices of their lives; they think that it’s only their big decisions that define them. But we are faced with energetic choices all of the time. Not only do we decide what to do, we decide what to think, feel, and believe about all of the situations we find ourselves in. It’s our moment-to-moment choices that determine who we are and what we are to become. These are really our defining moments. It’s the ongoing little decisions that create the energy we project. We can become completely liberated when we finally take our energy production seriously and bring our conscious choice to every present moment. This is our real power base, allowing us to firmly establish our future success right now.

7. Do these principles apply to any kind of business endeavor?

Sandra: Absolutely! The Laws of Success not only apply to business, but to every single desire in life. No matter what your goal may be, the Universal Laws will influence the outcome. There’s no getting around this truth. Though there are many energetic changes that can help you along, the bottom line requirement is a creative consciousness of optimism supported by the energy of confident action. This is the scientific core of all personal progress. Whether you’re in management, sales, marketing, or investing, these techniques will bring you closer to your goals. In fact, not only will you see incredible results, you will open wide your creative potential. Your intuition will be sparked beyond your expectations, and your whole life will vibrate with the resonance of success. When you align yourself with the flow and frequency of the Universal Laws, you will find yourself inspired to new heights, grander ideas, and surprising (and often spontaneous) solutions!

8. Is this the type of inspiration you’re referring to when you talk about unseen assistance?

Sandra: Yes, there are countless unseen forces moving within and around us, impacting the very experience of life itself. An important part of this is the spiritual energy that we are free to connect with at any time. It starts with the spirit of your own eternal soul, but it doesn’t end there. The unlimited power of the Divine-the creative source and resonance of all the Universe-is your greatest supporter and most willing, loving co-creator of your individual destiny. You are one with this Divine mind, and infinite knowledge is available to you even now. In fact, a great many wonderful discoveries and inventions have had this unseen assistance as their source. Whether you know it or not, your essential and eternal self is a wellspring of information. All of the answers can be found within. Quiet your mind, let go of the urgency, and open yourself to this eternal source. When you make this wonderful connection, you will feel life-changing power in every breath and find miracles blossoming in every part of your life.

9. What do you mean when you say, “Let go of the urgency?”

Sandra: Many people live their lives in emotional desperation, perpetually feeling like something’s wrong. They focus only on what’s missing-and they just can’t be happy until they make it right. This energy of desperation is absolute poison to their intention for success, and the negative resonance actually pushes away the very outcome they are striving to create. This is the Law of Paradoxical Intent, and it’s a driving force in the pursuit of our dreams. The more desperate you are to create a certain outcome, the more your negative energy will push it away!

There’s a big difference between desperation and determination. Determination is an active, but peaceful pursuit, while desperation is urgent and full of fear. If you really want to achieve your goals, you must take action with a happy and hopeful heart. You must value what you already have in your life instead of discarding your present happiness by living in worry and envy of others. Your choice to experience real happiness while working on your goals creates a bright and vibrant energy that will only attract more to be happy about in the future!

10. In addition to these energy techniques, you talk about four steps to success. What are they?

Sandra: Working on your consciousness and energy is a start, but there are some technical issues that must also be addressed in the pursuit of success. Serious planning and real action will be required if you want to reach your desired objective. You must clearly define what it is that you want, and then you must commit to that goal even if it means sacrifice in some other areas of your life. You must continue to take action no matter what obstacle you may come across, and that action must be focused yet flexible. If you want your desires to become real, they must become a real part of your daily life-not just a distant dream that you may someday get around to.

Remember that consciousness creates reality, and if you want success to be yours, you must make the details of that success a strong and consistent part of your conscious intention. You design your destiny every moment of your life. And whether you realize it or not, your dreams are already taking shape in the energetic realm. Live with joy as you actively work on your goals, and untold blessings will be yours!