The Hidden Power
Your Past Lives

Learn how your past lives affect you now and gain the tools to rewrite your past, change your present, and claim your future success.

Available in print, ebook and for the first time in audio (read by Sandra herself!)

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Infinity Foundation invites you to join Sandra Taylor to discover the amazing abundance and unlimited possibilities available to you through intuitive alignment with cosmic forces and spiritual assistance.

Aligning with the Power of the Unseen Forces of Success 

Saturday, June 15, 2024 ~ In Person or on Zoom on this day.  

with Sandra Anne Taylor

The unseen energetic world of universal abundance and spiritual assistance is a wellspring of unlimited manifestation!

It can bring you amazing power, health, and the skills to achieve your dreams. Like flowing water, it can be accessed at any moment, for any reason, including attracting health, wealth, and true love.  Access the energy and guidance of your own Higher Self ~ and align your own resonance with the abundance of the world!

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Immerse Yourself in Magic at Lily Dale this summer!

Clear Your Karmic Blocks to Love, Wealth, and Happiness

with Sandra Taylor

July 20, 2024

Have you ever felt as if you were making an effort, but something unseen was blocking your way? The answer may lie in your past lives!   In this empowering seminar Sandra Anne Taylor will show you how vital information from your past lives can still be a powerful force in your present reality ~ and how you can finally break through those karmic blocks and pave the way to the brilliant future you desire!

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The Akashic Records are a field of information and energy that reaches back to the infinite past and forward to the limitless future. They contain all of the answers we could seek about not only ourselves, but the entirety of all life ~ including our past lives, all our energies, historical experiences, and personal information.

The Akashic Records are able to show us how events from our past, both in this lifetime and in previous ones, influence us today.  By learning how to rewrite your own Akashic Records, you can change difficult circumstances and create the conditions that will lead to a happy future and the igniting of breakthrough forces that attract a spectacular reality.  Imagine the difference in your life when you learn:

  • The unlimited scope of the Akashic Records;
  • How and why they are a source of guidance, inspiration and energy;
  • How to investigate and rewrite past lives to clear obstacles that have re-emerged in this life;
  • How to program future records to accelerate goals and desires;
  • How to work on present records to create the life you desire;
  • How to connect with the spirit world and receive Akashic Record messages from angels, guides and family members.

The opportunities that tapping into this immense body of information will offer you cannot be overstated!

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ALSO, the audiobook is available for individual purchase from Audible, the Apple audiobook store, and most places that audiobooks are available. 

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Release the Past and Reclaim Your Joy In beautiful Tuscany 

with Sandra Anne Taylor

Dates: October 5 – 12, 2024
Location: Tuscany, Italy


Register by August 1, 2024, and receive a $500 discount per person!

This amazing, once-in-a-lifetime adventure-retreat may be just what you need!  No matter what you’ve been through, you can free yourself from the negative influences of the past and forge a bright new destiny filled with joy and excitement every day!

Sandra offered a workshop in Tuscany in the past, that led to comments like the following:

“…I loved every moment of it!  This experience was truly life-changing!!”

Open the Akashic Records To
Unlock the Power of Your Past Lives

2 Free Meditations by Sandra Anne Taylor!

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The Energy & Spirit Oracle

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The Energy Oracle Cards are designed to reveal both the present energy you project and the results you are likely to attract. The unlimited power of your own consciousness is a vital force that moves through the Universe and plants the seeds of your destiny far and wide. These easy-to-use cards will help you to understand what your consciousness is creating, as well as reveal any hidden blocks that may be delaying your progress. The information they bring will empower and inspire you, for it comes from heavenly messengers, friends from the spirit realm, and your own higher self. All that you need is available to you, so let your intuition soar. Listen to the messages it brings and take your life to wonderful new heights!

by Sharon Anne Klingler & Sandra Anne Taylor

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  • Uncover mystical histories and unknown futures.

The Akashic Tarot is an astoundingly accurate tool for predicting the future, unveiling hidden insights, and unleashing new powers. This unique 62-card deck can transport you to the Great Hall of Records to help you discover the unknown. It can also reveal ancient and new talents, unexpected victories, imminent rendezvous, unmet allies, and the steps to untold prosperity.

The Akashic Tarot is designed to access the profound energy and unlimited information that make up the Akashic Records, which are great fields of wisdom and power that transcend time and space and are immediately available to all. With each card, you can connect with a powerful Akashic Force and open to the psychic currents that are always flowing between you and the Akashic Realm. This deck will help you connect with your spirit guides, Ascended Masters, angels, and loved ones in spirit. With the turn of a card, you can enter the Akashic World!